Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where can I find my favorite WESTSOY® Products?
You can find many of our products right in your neighborhood. Please click on the store locator on our home page to find stores that have WESTSOY® Products.
Can I buy your products in Canada?
Our WESTSOY® products are not currently available in Canada.
Are your products available internationally?
Our products are available in a variety of locations worldwide. Please contact us at for information on international availability.
How can I order your products for my business?
We suggest checking with your distributor.


Where are the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients listed on your website?
Product details are included on each product page.
What is the significance of the USDA Organic seal/certification on selected WESTSOY® products?
All products carrying the USDA Organic seal must be composed of at least 95% organic ingredients. A third-party certifier such as Quality Assurance International is required to ensure compliance with the National Organic Program.
Are WESTSOY® Beverages gluten-free?
Most WESTSOY® Beverages are gluten-free. Look for gluten-free symbol on these products.
Are WESTSOY® Products made from Non-GMO ingredients?
Yes. WESTSOY® Products have been verified through the Non-GMO Project as non- genetically engineered. The Non-GMO Project offers consumers verified Non-GMO choices for organic and natural products. WESTSOY® is proud to participate in the Non-GMO Project to provide our consumers with the confidence of rigorous third party verification of our Non-GMO status.
What are natural flavors?
Our natural flavors are derived from ingredients such as spice, fruits or fruit juice, vegetables or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herbs, bark, buds, roots, leaves or similar plant material. We confirmed with our suppliers that our natural flavors do not contain the eight most common allergenic ingredients: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy.
Where do you get your ingredients?
Our ingredients are predominantly sourced domestically although product availability or other circumstances may sometimes require us to source globally
What percentage of this product is from a specific ingredient?
We declare our ingredients by common and usual name in order of predominance by weight in accordance with the government regulations.


How do I know if my product has been tampered with if there is no pull tab?
You’ll notice a tamper evidence ring attached to the cap before opening. On first time opening, the seals between the lid and the tamper evidence ring are broken open when the cap is twisted. You’ll hear a clicking sound as the ring separates and drops from the cap.
Why don’t I see a foil seal or plastic pull tab when I open the cap?
There is a foil seal beneath the new easy-open cap, but it is cut as you twist the cap one full turn. The inner seal isn’t visible but it remains attached just beneath the opening and doesn’t fall into the product.
Are your aseptic packages recyclable?
Yes. Nearly 44% of U.S. households now recycle aseptic cartons at curbside. To find out more, contact your local recycling center or the Aseptic Packaging Council at
Are your aseptic packages lined with aluminum?
Aseptic cartons are made of 70% paper, 23% polyethylene and 7% aluminum. The aluminum is completely covered by two layers of FDA approved, food-grade polyethylene, so the food and the aluminum never come in contact.
Do your aseptically packaged products require refrigeration?
No, they are shelf stable. Once open, you can refrigerate the unused portion and it stays fresh for 7-10 days.
What’s the shelf life of your aseptically packaged products?
An unopened package will remain fresh for one to two years from the date of manufacture, depending on the product. You’ll find a “best before” date clearly stamped on all of our products.
How do I read the date code?  Can I use the product after expiration?
The date code can voluntarily be used by manufacturers as an expiration or “best when used by” date and is listed as day, month, year, (DDMMMYY). For example, 09FEB11 is February 9, 2011. The date on the package which represents the date by which the product should be consumed. We cannot guarantee the quality after the “best by” date. After our shelf stable beverages are opened they will stay fresh in your refrigerator from 7-10 days.
Why do you make shelf stable products? Do they require refrigeration?
We do make shelf stable products and these items will remain fresh in your cupboard until the expiration date or until they are opened. After opening, our shelf-stable products require refrigeration. They will stay fresh in your refrigerator for 7-10 days. Shelf-stable packaging offers a variety of advantages. Among them, it is:
– low environmental impact both prior to and after production
– tamper resistant
– longer shelf life than refrigerated products
– less waste than other, comparable containers
Are your products Kosher?
Products that are certified Kosher will be distinguished by a Kosher symbol on the front of the package.